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The ABA Foundation is happy to announce the AZGFD Intern Scholarship Program is a go for 2021!

There are 50 interns, all from Arizona, doing work this year for the Arizona Game & Fish Department.  Any of these 50 interns can apply for a scholarship as long as they meet two criteria: 1) Any person who was hired as an Intern by the Arizona Game and Fish Department in 2021 and was employed during the 2021 calendar year. 2) The Intern completed their work assignment, to a satisfactory degree, according to the AZGFD Human Resources Office.  

The Arizona Bowhunters Foundation will award a total of $2,250 for the year of 2021. There will be three (3) individual scholarships awarded:  $1,000 (First Place), $750 (Second Place), $500 (Third Place) These Scholarship amounts will be awarded directly to each winning individual and the winners may use their award at their own discretion.

The interns are working towards degrees in various outdoor career applications in Biology, Wildlife and Fisheries, Natural Resources, Forestry, Wildlife Management, and Wildlife Conservation.

The ABA is an active member of the AZGFD Hunting and Angling Heritage Work Group.  “As we have worked with fellow outdoor organizations, we are learning that even though we are all separate groups, we have the same goals of the 3 R’s…recruiting, retaining and reactivating outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen” says AJ Murosky, Scholarship Committee Chairman. “Taking that thought to the next level led us to looking at the intern program as a place where we could help.  Obviously, we would love for everyone to become an archer, but the reality is these interns are going to be the ones that help mold the future of our great outdoors.”


The ABA is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to foster, perpetuate, and expand Bowhunting and Bowhunting ethics in Arizona. They partner with various non-profit HAHWG member groups to fulfill an ever-expanding amount of works to help recruit, retain and reactivate outdoorsmen & outdoorswomen and to help kids experience the great outdoors.  


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