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For animals harvested during the 2020 hunting seasons only.

Applications must be received by February 15th, 2021.
Successful 2020 bowhunters:

To participate in and receive awards for the 2020 Awards Program, submit your applications as directed as all big game awards will be given out at the next ABA/BIA Banquet in March 2021!

Print the application, fill it out, sign it, scan it, then email it to:

Or mail it to the ABA Awards Director:

Brian Goble, 88 E. Pine Canyon Drive, Star Valley, AZ 85541

Awards are given out annually at the ABA & BIA Banquet.


Use this link to go to the BIA website to find official measurers:

Youth ABA Member & cousin harvest 1st Deer!

Fourteen year old Nate Shreiner joined his grandpa, Brian Goble (ABA Board member) and his older cousin Trevor Wright for the opening weekend of the 2019 August deer hunt. The goal was for Nate & Trevor to both harvest their first ever big game animals with a bow. Since they knew it would take a lot of effort to get it done, they chose to hunt two water sources in Secret Canyon, just below No-Name Peak in Arizona.

Trevor headed out to his blind on opening morning, but Nate had high school obligations that prevented him from hunting. To be sure Nate’s blind was not used by another hunter on opening day, grandpa Brian headed out to guard the blind and see what deer activity might be there. While Trevor saw only doe’s at his stand, Brian watched seven bucks come in to water at Nate’s blind! Grandpa had his bow and his deer tag with him but he left those bucks alone so Nate would have a better opportunity when he would sit in the blind on Day 2.

When Nate got to camp that evening and heard of the days events, he was sure his hunt would be over early the next day! Well, as those things go, Nate and his grandpa saw only does on day two. But Trevor had passed on a spike buck in the morning, and then connected on a nice 4×4 in the evening. Sweet!

Nate and grandpa figured the bucks might be coming in very early, so they decided to be in the blind by 5:15am on Day 3. It was Nate’s last chance as he had to be back in school the following day. After nearly four hours of sitting in the blind, the excitement & short night got to Nate and he was sound asleep. Then, grandpa Brian grabbed his leg and said “BUCK!”.  There he was, a nice 3×3 about 65 yards out and cautiously looking over the water before coming in. There was plenty of time to look the buck over, and this buck was nice and he had cool double brow tines!

As the buck moved towards the water, they realized that he was on a path that would put him straight head-on at 30 yards. Not an easy shot angle for even a veteran hunter! But, as the buck approached, he suddenly turned broadside! Nate came up to full draw, grandpa whispered “34 yards”, and the arrow was on its way! With a great shot, they watched as the buck went about 30 yards and was down!

Nate & Trevor are now new “veteran” bowhunters with great memories and have some of the best game meat out there! Congratulations Nate and Trevor!

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