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About the ABA

bhh4Recently the board of the ABA was asked: “What is it that the ABA actually does?” At first we were taken back by such a question. What do you mean what is it that we do? You mean to tell us that you do not know? But then we realized most of our members do not know who we are and what we are doing as an association. The one thing that we have been bad at is communicating our efforts for the betterment of our membership and preserving the privilege of Bowhunting. The ABA board is making a conscious effort in improving our communication with our membership in the next year. We will be sending email newsletters every other month and continuously updating our website with the most recent information possible. The Board is continuously working on a number of projects at any given time. In fact we have to turn down some projects because we are unable to assist due to the fact that we do not have enough man power required.

So what is it that we do, first and foremost we work tirelessly with the AZGF department in voicing our opinion on issues that relate to bowhunting and bowhunting opportunity. We continuously have representatives at the commission meetings to go on public record with our concerns or support of AZGF Commission rulings. We are proud member organization of the Sportsman for Wildlife organization and have voting rights on issues that affect that organization and their efforts in dealing with legislative changes. The ABA has hosted booths introducing adults and children to archery at several events throughout the year. Some of those events are the Sportsman Expo, The AZGF Expo, Wapiti Weekend put on by the Arizona Elk Society, the Freeman Farm Fall Festival , just to name a few. We donate money to help build water catchments and improve wildlife habitat around the state. We support local clubs and have donated hundreds of dollars to start archery ranges around the state. We sponsor the Western States Triple Crown shoot with the final leg being the Bowhunter Happening. The ABA has a scholarship program designed to assist students going into the field of wildlife biology. We have an annual awards banquet where we raise the necessary funds to support the organization during the year.

As you can see we work on numerous projects during any given year and this is done solely on a volunteer basis. The ABA board members are a dedicated group of an individual that have one common denominator and that is the love of bowhunting. If any of our members are interested in helping out at any events, please email the ABA and we will contact you. There are several events that we are unable to do and would love to be able to assist, and that could happen with the assistance of our membership.

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